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Mommy Brain???


I have been told that this will happen after the babies come. Could it be that it’s already arrived?!?!

As the boys were so kind and helping out putting everything together, they decided that they wanted spaghetti for dinner…I had everything except the sauce! As I was running out the door, something felt a little “off!”

Ya think! One of my flops and one of W’s! Yeah, glad I noticed before I walked into Braums! LoL:p


Yes…the boys laughed at me :)

Apt. Update – Baylor


Wow! What a FANTASTIC experience! I was super impressed with the whole office staff and no wonder…it’s always a reflection of the management and I tell you, the Doctor was obviously the prime example of how to conduct yourself while under his employment!

He personally knows my local Doctor in Paris so he is going to allow him to oversee most of my apts which I am thrilled about! I got the best of both worlds with that! I will have weekly apts and will go to Baylor every 3 weeks.
He explained, NOTHING can be planned with multiple pregnancies so we’ll be setting goals.

Finally, I can have some sort of direction:) He told me that bed rest will have to be decided as time goes by. He let me know if I’m not on bed rest at 20 weeks, I’ll wish I were! Crazy! That is only 10 more weeks…sooo much to do, so little time!

He is very optimistic about our pregnancy, mentioning that I’m healthy, worked out before pregnancy(can’t now;() and that we eat right and live a great lifestyle. He said I’ll have a much better experience because of it.
He feels very confident that I’ll carry the babes to a good, healthy week. Goal is still 32-34. He will take them at 34weeks if we get there:)

I’m feeling so blessed and know God is in control of it all and our growing little family will be protected and ok:)

Pictures are in order A, B, & C.
We have so much love for our little jewels already<3




1st Baylor Apt!


I’m super excited that I finally get to go see the doctors at Baylor! I have an apt tomorrow and I am so excited! I’ll be getting another sono, so I’ll make sure that’s the one time I get some sugar to those babies;) I was told it’ll make them move around and dance on that sono!!!! WooHoo!! And hopefully I’ll be able to get a plan in motion and know more about what to expect these next few months! Eekkkk<3

Getting Started!


Well, here is the beginning of completely changing our whole house forever! We decided we would stay here in this house until our babies were about a year and that would be a good time to move into somewhere larger(there probably isn’t a “good” time to move with 3 babes;)) but it must be done! By then I can accomplish that like it was nothing;) my family has been so sweet and helpful along the way:) as you’ll see…big brother, Matt helping with shelving, little brother, Michael helping with baby beds, dad storing a lot of our stuff! Mom, buying us lots of goodies! Thanks to her we now have all the car seats…bouncers…clothes…etc! She’s awesome like that;) thx Moma! You’ll make the best Grammie! And of course my favorite man, W! He’s been so sweet through this whole changing of hormones experience:) I’ll confess, I have been a little cranky at times:) and he has done so much for me already. He’ll be the best Daddy!
And thank you to Carissa(my SIL) Dors,Shanna, what you guys have gotten me is such a blessing. Thank You!
Enjoy some of the before pics! It’s fun seeing it come together!!!




A Heart of Thanks<3


To all of the wonderful, sweet people who left a tender comment here on our blog to show us your love and support fills our hearts with love. I can not tell you how much your thoughtfulness and words meant to Wade and myself. You each have touched us so deeply. Some of you shared great depth of your own lives and that was so touching. I cried as I read the ones that were so open. I smiled at every one and I am thankful for each one.  We are so BLESSED to have such a network of people who care and lift us up before God in prayer and thoughts. Let me tell you now, your KINDNESS has made a difference in our lives<3